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Pluie De Prieres (French Edition)

Pluie prière fournit un moyen de sortir pour tous ceux qui se vautrer dans le harcèlement impuissant satanique. Savoir quoi faire et, et il en train de faire pourrait faire une différence entre les puits qui nage ou dans le fleuve de la vie.

Pluie La prière est une vie spirituelle-veste. Efforcez-vous de posséder votre propre copie!

Manuel prière chrétienne. Manuel Spiritual Warfare. Prière pour la Délivrance. Modèle prière Gethsemanic. Style de prière Royaume.
Apostolique décrets. Points de prière.


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Spiritual spotlight

Command The Morning

In this book, we shall address a spiritual phenomenon that will usher you into a realm that is unprecedented in every sense. God will open your eyes to certain deep truths, which will completely transform your life and make you exceptional.

This topic is so uncommon that many people spend their entire lifetime without knowing anything about it. Yet, such knowledge determines a lot of things.

The truth, however, is that what we are considering in this chapter cannot be found on the surface of the scriptures. They are like hidden treasures tucked away in some chests. Hence, we shall examine some of the deepest sc Read more


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Marriage spotlight

Principles of a Successful Marriage

Marriage is under attack. Homes are under siege.The modern era has bastardized the institution of marriage. Against this backdrop, the author has delved into the scriptures and uncover what it takes to succeed in these end times.

The importance of spiritual warfare in making marriage successful is the high point of this book. Tested and proven prayer points are packaged and offered in this book. This book will prove an invaluable manual in the hand of those who are married as well as those who are contemplating to get married.


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How to Pray spotlight

How to Pray When You are under Attack

Christians are the prime targets of the devil, the common enemy of mankind. Now more than ever, he unleashes his rage and destruction against people because he knows that his time is short. Christians especially experience strange attacks, both physical and spiritual, day and night. In such conditions, we are not expected to be helpless or defenceless, rather, we are supposed to pray and subdue the enemies who have come to attack us, and quench them as the fire of thorns.


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Deliverance spotlight

Deliverance of the Brain

The author has bequeathed on Christendom, a book that will be read by both the high and mighty as well as those who may not be classified as exceptional in terms of natural development.

Deliverance of The Brain is without doubt, a masterpiece. Reading it will add value to your brain. It brings to the fore, the depth of your intellectual endowment and shows you what it takes to obtain, experience and retain sound mental health. While this book will show you how to maximize your mental capacity, it will also lead you unto deliverance from every form of mental affliction.

This book will move every reader forward. I Read more


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Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional 2022

Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional 2022: Volume 7: January to December

Life-changing encounter with the God that answers by fire through a daily devotional. Its enriching and edifying. Start your day right with God.


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21 Puissances Pour Se Connecter A Toutes Sortes De Percées

21 Puissances Pour Se Connecter A Toutes Sortes De Percées

La connaissance ouvre la voie aux percées, mais la réussite deviet difficile lorsqu'on ne sait pas quoi faire. Les problèmes et les difficultés engloutissent les gens quand ils sont ignorants, perdus et confus. Cela signifie que la connaissance est une puissance.

L'auteur, par la révélation du Saint-Esprit, présente dans ce livre les puissances auxquelles vous pouvez vous connecter afin d'obtenir la victoire chaque fois que des problèmes surviennent ou que vous faites face à des crises.

Cette publication constitute à ce titre une lecture incontour Read more


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